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A mental health crisis is plaguing our nation. 


Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety of the last few years have driven Americans to a breaking point. 


While the demand for mental health services is skyrocketing, high costs and insufficient insurance coverage, limited options and long waits, lack of awareness about where to go for services, and social stigmatization serve as barriers keeping Americans from seeking treatment. ⁠

KULA FOR KARMA is an essential part of the solution.

In the face of this monumental need, our programs are having a more dramatic impact than ever.  With a focus on marginalized and underserved populations, our evidence-based, trauma-sensitive mindfulness programs are meeting people where they are, breaking down stigmas, and providing access to the benefits of mindfulness while healing hearts and changing lives. 

Watch some of the people we serve talk about our impact:

 Integrity House Resident

"Instead of running from the feelings of overwhelmingness or frustration or anger, yoga allows me to absorb all those things and go through them, and come out the other side instead of being afraid or being taken over by them." 
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