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The “Make Mental Health a Human Right” Campaign 


Kula has kicked off our 2024-2025 major fundraising campaign to make mental health a human right with a goal of $500,000!

A generous donation of $200,000 from Steve Madden takes us to 40% of our goal. 

"Spring is here and there is hope in my heart... the world seems like a mess right now... but there is one organization  that brings hope and love to people... I will always support Kula for Karma... I'm honored to be associated..."

- Steve Madden

The COVID-19 pandemic created a mental health crisis in our country, and revealed an inequitable, inaccessible and strained mental healthcare system.  

We believe every human being deserves to have the appropriate space, tools, and resources to understand, manage and improve their mental health. Kula provides this to marginalized and underserved children, teens, and adults experiencing trauma, addiction and mental health conditions. 

We meet people where they are, educate them about the impact of trauma on their bodies and minds, and teach them mindfulness practices scientifically proven to regulate the nervous system, increase resilience and focus, and reduce the effects of anxiety, depression and PTSD. We provide the tools to achieve and sustain a brighter future. 

Flip through our 2024 Vision Report “The Future of Mindfulness-Based Mental Health” to learn more about our programs and fundraising goals:

Kula was a grassroots effort founded in 2007 in response to local observations that has grown into an essential national mental health movement that is perfectly positioned to speak to this very moment in history: the post-pandemic mental health crisis. 

As we face an extremely challenging mental health environment, Kula’s goal is to proactively fill the desperate need for accessible, equitable, inclusive, affordable and consistent mental health care for underserved and marginalized people, and first responders. 

Kula meets this post-pandemic moment in history by expanding our science-backed mindfulness-based mental healthcare programs, and we can only do it with your help!


Histories of oppression and discrimination create ancestral and familial trauma passed along generations and social locations. Mindfulness-based mental health offers healing modalities shown to guide us out of fight or flight survival mode and change the expression of DNA to empower and heal. 



Join Kula in a major campaign to support our mission to make Mental Health the Next Human Right. With so much critical work to be done, we need your support. That’s why in 2024, we are launching a major multi-year campaign to raise funds to support our organization and our work. 


The pandemic closed about 75% of Kula’s in-person programs in 2020 and 2021, and due to the sensitive nature of many of our sites and heightened protocols for safety and security, closings continued into 2022. Over the past year and half, some of our programs have carefully and slowly begun to open up again. 


Our budgets took a hit, and our small but mighty team has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to get services back up and running. Now begins the work to get our organization back to a functional level of operational, administrative, and programmatic health that allows us to expand our programs to help the tremendous numbers of people in need of our mindfulness-based mental health care.



Attracting diverse, top-tier talent to meet our goals and the mental health needs of our communities.

Funding political advocacy to establish the future of mindfulness-based mental health care as an equitable and scalable solution to the national and local mental health crisis.

Hiring inclusive core staff to carry out our vision, communicate with our constituents, and raise funds to sustain our work.

Hiring committed advocates to research, lay groundwork, and build the infrastructure for launching successful new programs.

Training and hiring a diverse range of new teachers to lead and teach our programs.

Integrating new resources and technologies that best support, measure, and improve our impact.

Kula supports our employees working from home so that we do not have to spend funding on office space. Every penny that is donated or granted to us goes directly to critical organizational functions and creating, developing, opening and running programs.

Kula will be offering ways to engage throughout 2024 – Sign up for our monthly email to stay up to date on cool social trends and mindfulness-based mental health events!


Make a video saying why Mental Health is Your Human Right to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month in May and share it on social media
Join us at several small gatherings around the country in May
Join us for the 2nd Annual Kula Concert: Music for Mental Health on October 17, 2024 in NYC to hear incredible bands and support Kula’s mission
More exciting opportunities to come! 
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