Kula for Karma - Yoga for Seniors

Did you know that seniors, age 65 and older, represent the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. population? 

The senior population is expected to more than double to over 80 million by the year 2050. Of particular concern is the potential for broken bones among people with Osteoporosis, a disorder of impaired bone strength that results in skeletal fragility. Kula’s classes for seniors include modifications in forward bends and twists that protect the fragile skeletal system. Special issues in teaching elderly students are addressed, including pain management, balance, spirituality, and aging. Kula for Karma’s Therapeutic yoga classes offer practical strategies for adapting a practice to older bodies, minds and spirits.

We are passionate about helping seniors find flexibility, balance, strength, and purpose, through meditation, breath work, and asana. Our classes for seniors combine the best of modern, evidenced-based medicine with the ancient wisdom, experience, and tradition of Yogic teachings. Yoga has been shown to relieve numerous ailments of particular concern to the older population, including reducing high blood pressure, easing back pain, enhancing sleep, and improving mood.

Current Programs

Daughters of Israel, West Orange, NJ

Past Programs

Alaris Health, West Orange, NJ     Canterbury Village, West Orange, NJ     Care 1 Senior Facilities, Bergen County, NJ    

Valley Home Care, Essex, NJ         Village Care, Manhattan, NY     



"Our Yoga class is about making a human connection with nursing home residents who have diminished physical and mental capabilities. Class helps the wheelchair-bound seniors make a mind body connection. After class, I make sure to shake each person's hand and engage in one-on-one conversation. A simple "What a pretty sweater" lets them know I notice something special about each and every one of them. My reward is their reward. I feel great about teaching this class."

– Joan, Volunteer Yoga Instructor