Did you know that over half a million people are homeless in the United States, including children?

Several life circumstances can lead to homelessness including, but not limited to, lack of affordable housing, foreclosure crises, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, and mental illness. Many of these causes of homelessness are at the focus of Kula for Karma’s mission.

Kula is fortunate to partner with organizations that address the trauma, addiction and mental illness related to homelessness. Through these partnerships, our teachers are able to provide homeless men, women and youth with tools to combat their anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia. Our goal is to offer the homeless a sense of well-being as they transition into getting back on their feet.

Current Programs

Covenant House, New York, NY Jericho Project, New York, NY The Doe Fund, New York, NY

The HOPE Program, Bronx NY

Past Programs  

Covenant House, Montclair, NJ Covenant House, Newark, NJ