Geri Topfer

Founder, President, Kula for Karma 

Geri Topfer - Kula for Karma - Board of Directors

As founder and President of Kula for Karma, Geri spearheads the organization's teacher trainings, programming and hospital-based programs. Geri launched Kula for Karma in 2007, with the goal of bringing yoga to communities that would not otherwise have access to it. Over the past seven years, she has spread the vision of Kula for Karma into hospitals, schools, troubled youth and rehabilitation centers. Along the way, Geri has recruited volunteers, yoga instructors, and studios to form a network of over 300 programs touching the lives of over 3000 people. Geri is a licensed Kundalini Research Institute and Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher, and a LifeForce Yoga® level I practitioner.