At-Risk Youth

Kula for Karma - At-Risk Youth

Did you know that in low-income urban schools, traumatic stress is a reality for millions of children who grow up in a climate of poverty, violence, and fear?

This stress impedes learning and undermines physical and mental health.  As a result:

25% of teenagers suffer from anxiety disorders
6.5 million children struggle from disabilities that impair their ability to learn
One in four high school students has been offered, sold or given illegal drugs on school property
One in three children are either overweight or obese
Nearly 3 million children receive medication for ADHD
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers

Therapeutic yoga and meditation is an evidence-based approach to reducing stress and dramatically improving academic performance, student wellness, and the school environment. The success of yoga and meditation in schools has generated a demand that far exceeds our available resources. Right now, there are hundreds of schools with tens of thousands of underserved students who are waiting to learn to practice.

Current Programs

Dover High School, Dover, NJ     Debra Simon Center for Integrative Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ

Orange Juvenile Detention Center, Orlando FL Hillsborough Juvenile Detention Center, Bronx NY

Past Programs

Bonnie Brae, Somerset County, NJ    Children’s Aid & Family Services, Bergen County, NJ     Children of Joy Pediatrics, Hackensack, NJ

 Covenant House, Newark, NJ & New York, NY     Children’s Village, Westchester County, NY     Cornerstone Day School, Union County, NJ          

Eastside High School, Paterson, NJ     Episcopal Social Service, Bronx, NY     Jewish Child Care Association, Westchester County, NY      

Newark Public Schools, Essex County, NJ     Public School 4, Paterson, NJ    Public School 12, Hudson, NJ     Roseville Commons, Newark, NJ

Family Connections, East Orange, NJ     New Roberto Clemente Public School, Paterson, NJ Paterson School 15 , Paterson, NJ    

Public School 5, Paterson, NJ     Public School 6, Paterson, NJ     Public School 28, Paterson, NJ



"I am extremely grateful for the support Kula has given me in providing classes for Children’s Village. I’m also grateful to work with great students and staff, this is an ideal teaching experience for me." 

- Allison Schubert, Instructor at Children’s Village

"Currently guiding middle school kids in Paterson on their yoga journey, I bring my child-like enthusiasm to the mat.  Energetic and playful sequences are essential to keeping the children engaged and challenged.  Additionally, I incorporate various pranayama techniques for the children to use in every day situations." 

- Adrienne Yourey, Instructor

"When asked to define what Yoga meant to them, the School Based Youth Services Program summer participants all looked around hoping for someone to provide them with an answer. Many of our students enrolled in the six week program were either new to the United States, or unable to speak or understand the English language. Not one student in the group had ever practiced Yoga.  During the first session, Loretta was immediately able to form a professional connection with the students. Although she was not able to completely communicate with some of the students, Loretta utilized her skills and passion for Yoga to connect on a non-verbal level. Also, despite the fact that the students were apprehensive to trying Yoga, Loretta was able to teach the students how to connect with their center and they enjoyed the process. As the weeks continued, the students showed an excitement for working with Loretta, and an eagerness to try new, challenging poses. She patiently took the time to connect with each student individually, as well as, connecting with the group as a whole; consistently praising the students for their hard work and efforts. Loretta encouraged, reassured, comforted, and challenged all of our students. Loretta’s expertise and professionalism has had a positive impact on the spirits of the students and they have embraced Yoga practices with an open mind and heart. "

- Edna Angelos, Prevention Specialist