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Amber Taylor

Amber Taylor is a yoga instructor focused on yin yoga and ashtanga yoga primarily. She also focuses on meditation, breath work, ball rolling and dance in her community offerings. These modalities of healing have been pivotal in her healing from childhood trauma. After many years of spending too much time disassociated from her body, her work now aims to create a relationship with the body. This is a somatic approach to healing. Addiction has been a struggle for Amber as she tried to cope with abandonment and neglect issues from childhood but using the body as “a way in” to the heart, she has been able to overcome her addictions and help others with similar childhood experiences. Amber believes love is the answer to most challenges and loving ALL people regardless of their struggles and status in life is what this world needs more of. We are all the same at the end of the day, we are made of the same material, we want to feel a sense of belonging and community on this earth and we want to love and be loved according to her. This is why she teaches in a recovery center for addiction and in the justice system, in an effort to bring love and compassion to these specific people who might not ever have this opportunity otherwise. To show them that they can breathe, love their bodies, feel good and rest relax without guilt. We are not machines, we are not commodities for profit and despite what we’ve learned from our lineage, we deserve the opportunity to JUST BE regularly. Amber wants to help with integration and prevent separation as we are “tribe animals” by nature as humans and we need connection with each other almost more than we need food and water. Amber receives more than she gives in her offerings to others and that is one reason she does it, for her own healing.

FACT: Amber lives with two dogs and three cats and a BIG composting worm farm which she claims are,” The Happiest Worms on the planet.” This is because she takes such good care of them feeding them organic scraps, etc. She also lives with her son and husband.