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Susan Spangler

Susan is the owner of the Pilates Plus Wellness Center, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and has been teaching therapeutic yoga for Kula for Karma since 2017. Susan was lucky enough to attend the Grand Opening of The IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) Center of Excellence for Behavior Health Treatment and Recovery—a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment facility specializing in PTSD and trauma among fire fighters. Susan lives near the facility in the beautiful countryside with her husband of 33 years and enjoys the weekly sessions with members, "it is the highlight of my week!"

Susan is a Certified Christian Yoga Teacher, through Yahweh Yoga and is registered with the Yoga Allianace. She is also a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor, Consulting Hypnotist, and is completing IIN's Health Coach certification in 2018. While her first careers in the Air Force and corporate America provided a strong work ethic and business savvy, the world of holistic health was always her calling. Susan's passion is food and cooking and it is her goal to teach people to live healthier lives, to heal through food.

FUN FACT: Susan has a purple car!  Purple represents transformation, creativity, and spirutual aweareness. This is who she is!

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