Integrate Therapeutic Yoga at Your Hospital or Clinic


Because of the many medical and psychological benefits of yoga, an increasing number of hospitals and clinics are integrating it into their units. Here are the incredible hospitals and clinics that we currently partner with to provide therapeutic yoga to their patients:


There are several ways you can integrate therapeutic yoga into your hospital, including:

  • Establishing a yoga program for your patients

Therapeutic yoga is beneficial for all patients, including those with cancer, cardiac, addiction/trauma, and eating disorders. Providing these individuals with access to yoga may alleviate their symptoms and provide them with a greater sense of calm and well-being. You can find a full list of the programs we offer here.

  • Providing yoga to your caregivers

Those in care giving positions are at risk of developing a secondary traumatic stress response (STS). Many of these caregivers do not have the tools to recognize when they are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Yoga can help caregivers develop internal awareness and recharge their batteries, so they can care for themselves appropriately.

If you’re interested in integrating yoga into your hospital or clinic, please get in touch with us by sending an email to our Executive Director Penni Feiner at