Michele O'Shea

Kula for Karma Gala - Michele O'Shea

Michele O’Shea, a graduate of Fordham University, is a dedicated Life Coach who holds certificates in Positive Psychology and Yoga Levels 1 and 2 from the Kundalini Research Institute. In 2012, Michele embarked on a pilgrimage to India, where it became clear to her that the science of yoga and meditation are transformational tools for healing, strengthening and elevating individuals on all levels. Michele teaches yoga locally, and in September will begin teaching for Kula for Karma at Integrity House. She is beginning a 1000-Hour Yoga Therapy education program this fall. In an effort to continue to deepen her understanding of yoga, Michele is returning to India at the end of September.

After starting the O'Shea Family Foundation in 2001, Michele and her husband Rob looked for ways to expand the growth of Integrative Medicine. They created a successful program for nurses at Valley Hospital to educate them on holistic practices for enhancing their own well-being. More recently, Michele and Rob have collaborated with Kula for Karma to integrate therapeutic yoga and meditation programs for cardiac and cancer patients at Valley Hospital.