Photo by Robert Sturman

Photo by Robert Sturman

Maria Salvatore

Maria Salvatore is a certified yoga (RYT 500), fitness and wellness instructor. Her exploration with yoga began almost 20 years ago. It only took a few years before she developed a serious relationship with the practice, and in 2012 she partnered in opening a hot yoga studio in White Plains, NY.

Maria also has certifications in various specialty yoga offerings such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Barre and Y12SR Yoga (Yoga in Recovery and Addictions). She has dedicated her life to the practice and to pursuing higher knowledge in yoga and the healing arts.

Maria's teaching style is intuitive, and she tries to nourish the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Through precise hands on adjustments, she tries to help students to access and awaken the life force in the dormant areas of the body.

In addition to her yoga practice and philanthropic work, Maria is certified in AFFA/ACE Personal Training and Group Fitness and has been training students for over 20 years. She is also a certified American Red Cross/ CPR expert.

Her primary intention is to help people learn to heal themselves.