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Kristi McDaniel

I found yoga in 2005 when finishing my degree in animal science. I was stressed, had anxiety, was overeating and consuming too much alcohol. I noticed the physical improvements in my body with my yoga practice, but the one thing I remember the most is how I felt...organized. I had mental clarity. After eight years of practicing on and off, I took teacher training/immersion. I didn't want to teach! I was stern about this, but the more I took teacher training the more I realized it wasn't that I didn't want to teach, it was that I was afraid of being seen.

Once I recognized this, teaching opportunities arose and I knew I had to take the leap. It has been a very, very long road for me. A road of talking myself down from panic attacks in the middle of class, a path of terrible self-talk while teaching and learning how to be comfortable in my own skin.   

I came from a place of struggle, but I have now begun to flourish.  I have become a massage therapist, certified in yoga therapy and I teach at the local Recovery Village for Kula for Karma. Empowering people, through yoga and bodywork, in all stages and walks of life is my purpose.

FUN FACT: I love 90’s gangster rap, and classic country.

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