Photo by  Mike Rubio

Photo by Mike Rubio

Dennis Hunter

Based in Miami, Florida, Dennis is Kula for Karma's Marketing & Communications Director.  He also co-leads, with Adrian Molina, Kula's Advanced Teacher Training in Yoga for Trauma and Addiction, and develops meditation curricula for Kula for Karma programs.

Dennis has been teaching meditation, Buddhism, and yoga philosophy since 2002. He lived for two years as a Buddhist monk at Pema Chödrön’s monastery in Nova Scotia. His latest book, The Four Reminders: A Simple Buddhist Guide to Living and Dying Without Regret, was published in 2017. He is also author of the book You Are Buddha: A Guide to Becoming What You Are, and his writing has appeared in Yoga Journal and HuffPost. His guided audio meditations can be found on the Insight Timer meditation app.
Dennis lives in Miami Beach with his husband, the yoga teacher Adrian Molina; they co-founded the Warrior Flow school of yoga and together they lead classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and international yoga and meditation retreats.

Dennis is also Director of Meditation and Sound Therapy at Life, a Feel Great Community™ and premier fitness & hospitality brand based in Coral Gables, FL.

FUN FACTS: Dennis believes that The Force depicted in Star Wars is real, and someday human beings will learn to utilize it. Favorite film of all time: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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