Brian Aubin

Brian has been volunteering for Kula for Karma since 2017. Brian met Kula’s President, Executive Director, and National Director in 2016 at a fundraiser event benefiting Kula for Karma, as well as Dr. Melody Moore’s organization, Embody Love Movement. Brian was deeply moved by Kula for Karma’s mission and wanted to volunteer for their beautiful organization. Brian is extremely grateful to be working in the Bellevue adolescent psychiatric unit through Kula for Karma. Especially since he was once a patient at a similar location.

Brian is a Certified Yoga Instructor from Long Island, NY. Brian was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in his late teens. Brian struggled with anxiety and depression, as well as alcohol and drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. Today, Brian is sober and healthy, in part due to his discovery of yoga and wellness communities, spirituality and loving-kindness practices. Brian’s mission is to bring these benefits, as well as the skills and compassion of stress management and meditative practices, to all individuals. Especially those affected with, or impacted by, autism, special needs, mental health issues, and substance misuse.

Fun Fact:  Brian loves to play acoustic guitar and sing.

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