Our director, Penni Feiner, will share her addiction story on Facebook Live

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We are committed to helping people recover from trauma, addiction and depression through yoga. Why? Because we know it works. Our executive director Penni Feiner is proof. After years of drug use, and then years of sobriety, she has stayed on a happy and healthy yogic path.

It's not always easy though. She's going to share her story with us on Facebook Live on Tuesday, 2/27 at 2 pm on our Kula for Karma page. Her journey is inspiring, her wisdom is beautiful, so this is a conversation you won't want to miss!

Penni wakes up every morning for meditation and chanting to clear her mind and spirit. She's a regular asana practitioner, too. "I have wrapped my body, mind and spirit in acceptance and compassion," she says. In our Facebook Live, she will share all of her methods for staying calm--and most importantly, clean!

Her work for Kula for Karma is especially rewarding. "My role in Kula allows me to turn my passion into action, working with a team of dedicated volunteers and partners like our founder Geri Topfer and our wonderful staff." Penni, through Kula, wants to change the paradigm and shift the stigma related to addiction. "The opioid epidemic in our country is frightening," she says. "Through yoga, by creating a safe container, we offer people space to address their issues, needs and habits free from judgement." Kula teachers share tools for mood management, impulse control, relaxation and exploring the inner landscape of the mind.

We reach people in recovery in all kinds of settings--schools, prison, hospitals and more--at no cost to the students. Our volunteer teachers are compassionate and well-trained. If you want to be a volunteer, contact us today. And if you want to learn more about trauma and addiction, Kula is offering a special teacher training on Saturday and Sunday 3/23 through 3/24 in Miami. Come learn the mindset of an addict and of someone who has experienced trauma. Our training will cover language, asana, pranayama, themes, poetry and self-care for the teacher.

Penni has been through it, and she's been working in this space for many years. We hope you'll pop onto Facebook and hear her story this Tuesday!