February Teacher of the Month: Sheryl Heller


We appreciate the hard work our Kula for Karma teachers put in to help other people through yoga. We especially appreciate Sheryl Heller, so we made her our February Teacher of the Month. For the last 2.5 years, she has worked at St. Joseph's Hospital Out-Patient Center for Children with Cancer in Paterson, New Jersey. She teaches kids ages 2 through 18 who are living with this disease. She says they are given a condition that's not very fair. "So how can I make their days a little better?" Sheryl asks. "I go in there, try to get them to smile and give them a break from thinking about what they're going through."

When she's not volunteering, Sheryl is a vinyasa yoga teacher at Nirvana studios in Montville and Wayne. She's a 500 RYT who has been teaching for 11 years. She does privates, and she even does massage. "Yoga has changed every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, spiritually. It makes me curious," Sheryl says. 

She's been happy teaching for Kula and helping her young students find a little peace and happiness on their mats. "Yoga allows the kids to handle changes. I am thankful to Kula for this opportunity, and I think Kula for Karma is absolutely incredible!"

We are pleased to honor you, Sheryl. We are so inspired by your dedication and work. Thank you!