January Teacher of the Month: Judy Choix

Our Teacher of the Month for January 2018 is Judy Choix.


Judy is a NYS licensed Mental Health Counselor, Gestalt therapist and a body worker trained in yoga, craniosacral therapy, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP), and mindfulness practices. She has a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
As volunteer for Kula for Karma, she has worked with at-risk teens at Covenant House and currently volunteers at Bellevue Hospital working with in-patients in the children’s ward.  
“This work can be challenging since there is often so much trauma present with these populations,” says Judy. “But it is also rich in blessings since you literally see the children transform in front of your eyes. Upon entering the ward you can sense the dysregulation in their bodies, which may show up as anger, reluctance, ambivalence, as well as hyper- or hypoactivity. By the end of class there is usually a softening and settling. I always end class with savasana and the ringing of the mediation bell. As they lie there, I invite them to let in anything that is nourishing and helpful and let go of anything that is not needed and not loving. You can sense the dropping down into themselves and the peace that enters the room.

“It is very special work and I am privileged to be of service. It is an honor to work as part of the Kula for Karma team making a difference to so many young people by bringing yoga into their lives. Thank you Kula!!”

Thank you, Judy, for your generosity and the tremendously healing work you do!!!