June Teacher of the Month: Yukiko Murai

ユキコ / Yukiko Murai(村井由起子)

Yukiko has moved back and forth three times between Japan and the U.S. in the last 15 years. Having given birth to four children, she knows more than anyone else how Yoga can assist and support women before and after childbirth. She started teaching “Pelvic Adjustment Yoga” with a wish to help as many mothers as possible. She has earned RYT200, and is a certified trainer of Yoga Ed. Kids Yoga, Maternity Yoga, and Pelvic Adjustment Yoga. 

Yukiko has taught kids yoga (3 to 13 years old) at nurseries, preschools and elementary schools in Japan and the U.S. since 2010.

She has led Teacher Trainings of YOGAed (http://yogaed.com/), and has taught kids yoga at Family Connections since January 2016. Her focus is to teach mindfulness through breathing and centering. Thank you for all you do, Yukiko!