The Science of Yoga: Why It's Good for Your Body & Mind

When we first started practicing yoga and meditation, we didn’t know where it would take us. Each of our team members started to practice for different reasons, and had different ideas about what our practices would look like. Some were focused on breathing, some on daily meditation, some on rigorous yoga practice, or others on a combination. But one thing was the same for all of us: practicing made us feel better, both mentally and physically.

It made us curious about why that is. Were there studies that could shed light on the positive changes we were feeling after starting our regular practice? We were thrilled to find that there were – and many, in fact.

Some of the many psychological benefits of yoga and meditation include improved self-acceptance, reduced anxiety and depression, reduced hostility, improved impulse control, and learning of healthy coping strategies. On the medical side, practicing yoga regularly can lead to improved sleep, increased immunity, decreased pain, normalized endocrine function, increased musculoskeletal flexibility and strength, decreased blood pressure, and so much more.

Knowing about this research further solidified our commitment to our practice, as well as to making yoga and meditation more accessible to all. We frequently share such research on our blog, and are thrilled to often see members of our Medical Advisory Board sharing pieces of their own as well. To share this information with you, we've rounded up our research here: 

Psychological Benefits

Overall Mental Well-Being



Body Positivity

Post-Traumatic Stress

Medical Benefits

Overall Physical Well-Being


Alzheimer’s & Dementia


Back Pain


Multiple Sclerosis


Spinal Muscular Atrophy

You can also find a number of medical studies on the effects of yoga and meditation for cancer survivors, those struggling with addiction, survivors of domestic abuse, youth with special needs, and more here.

We’re always working to expand our programming to provide free yoga to those in need of its incredible benefits. If you’d like to support that growth, you can do so by joining us as a volunteer yoga instructor or sponsoring a program.