Practicing Seva in Your Life

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Practicing Seva in Your Life - Kula for Karma

At Kula, seva is our core value – it is the reason why we are able to do what we do.

What is seva? It’s a Sanskrit word that refers to the act of service, or “work performed without any thought of reward or repayment,” and it is the driving force behind our work. All of the teachers who provide their services free of charge are volunteers who give their time purely to support those who need it most.

Seva doesn’t have to be a grand act – it can be as simple as being more conscious of those around you in your daily life, and taking small steps to help others where you can. Small acts often cause ripple effects that can lead to great change in a community.

If you want to incorporate seva into your life, here are a few ways you can get started: 

Volunteer your time

One of the best ways you can practice seva is by volunteering your time and skills to help others.  We want to help more individuals who believe in the healing power of yoga become volunteers who can change the lives of others. That’s why we offer teacher trainings that focus on the needs of different populations. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Kula, you can learn more about our volunteer program here, and our teacher trainings here.

Do a kind act for a neighbor or community member

In our daily lives, we have so many opportunities to perform small acts of service. You could offer to help your neighbor carry his or her groceries into the house. Or, if you have a few extra minutes, you could mow their lawn in the summer, or shovel the snow off of their walkway or car in the winter. When you’re out for breakfast, you could pay for someone else’s meal or even just their coffee. Start by trying to do one of these kind acts intentionally every week – you may notice that you become more conscious of how you can serve others in small ways in everything that you do.

Donate to causes you care about

If you don’t feel you have the time to volunteer, but you have causes that you’re really passionate about, consider making a donation. Acts of selfless service take many forms, and financial contributions can make a huge difference. For example, if you care deeply about making yoga available to those who need it most, we’d love your support in expanding our programming to support more communities in need.  You can learn about the impact of your dollars and donate to specific programs here.

What is one act of service that you’ve performed lately? Let’s spread joy through seva together! Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.