Program of the Month: Integrity House

Our Program of the Month is Integrity House!

Integrity House continues to be dedicated to offering yoga to individuals and their families suffering from substance abuse across their New Jersey facilities. Kula for Karma is proud to provide equally as dedicated yoga instructors who are willing to share the gift of yoga with both men and women in the Adult Residential program at the Hudson County Correctional Center in Kearny, NJ.

This program assists individuals in recovering towards a drug free, positive lifestyle through a wide range of therapeutic and reentry services. 

Jim Stroker, our former instructor for the men's class, describes his experience as "challenging, but very rewarding." He states that, "Hudson County Correctional Center might contain a parameter that it is a scary or dangerous environment, however under the guidance of Integrity House, the men you are working with are all nonviolent, extremely grateful human beings that are looking for someone to help inspire them through their challenges."

The women of this program have reported how much they love yoga and that it helps them move forward in their journey. It is crucial for a teacher to be able to connect with students because they are going through tremendous challenges in their life, and we are so grateful that we have been able to offer this support for 7 years!

Thank you to Integrity House for all that you do to support those who are in recovery!