Volunteer of the Month: Cindy Stites

Our Volunteer of the Month for March is Cindy Stites! Thank you for all of the incredible work that you do in support of Kula and the populations that we serve, Cindy. 

Cindy Stites - Kula for Karma Volunteer of the Month

What led Cindy to Kula? According to her, Kula provides the opportunity for yoga teachers to work with many different populations: “It is a great way to find a good fit between students and your teaching style.” 

Cindy started working with a geriatric population, and then moved on to a pediatric population.  At HUMC, she has worked with in-patient and out patients.  The youngest patient she has worked with was 18 months, and the oldest 18 years!  Cindy says, “it is very challenging and fun, because each visit, you never know what that day will bring.”

Cindy currently works in the pediatric oncology outpatient area.  The child life specialist lets the families know that yoga is available, the she tries to provide a fun and lively time and a brief respite and some relief from the stress that the patient and their families are experiencing.  Families can do yoga together, or the patients can do yoga and the caregivers can get a break.  It is a time to be fully in the present as they explore many yoga shapes-butterfly, star and tree pose-- to name a few. She has taught teenagers meditation and a group of 2 year olds how to stand on one foot. We're thrilled that she finds this opportunity to be so rewarding!