Volunteer of the Month: Amy Bachmann

Volunteer of the Month: Amy Bachmann

Our volunteer of the month for February is Amy Bachmann, who teaches yoga with us at Valley Hospital.  Amy has a M.S. in Exercise Physiology, is an ACSM Exercise Specialist, Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hours) and works at Valley Hospital Sports Institute.

After completing the Kula for Karma Yoga for Cardiac Health program, Amy thought, “How easy would this be to put my love of yoga and my clinical knowledge together?” Knowing the founders of Kula and all the wonderful things that this organization was doing led her to the beginning of the Valley Hospital partnership with Kula. At Valley Hospital, Amy began teaching chair yoga to cardiac based students. The new yoga studio just celebrated their one year anniversary as part of The Valley Hospital’s Integrated Center for Medicine.

Here's what she has to say:

“What I love to teach these willing students is that the practice of yoga doesn’t always have to be mat based and can be modified for all individuals and levels of ability. Each week, they come to practice, breathe, stretch, balance and grow. Outwardly they do yoga, but inwardly they are achieving many positive benefits that help with their cardiac related issues. Witnessing their growth as yogis and as a community of friends is what I love to see and hear and keeps me excited each week that I teach.”

Thank you for all that you do, Amy -- we're so grateful for you!