Volunteer of the Month: Rose Caulfield

Our volunteer of the month for November is Rose Caulfield!

Rose Caulfield - Kula for Karma

Starting in 2004, Rose began practicing yoga in the summers down the shore. She soon began to realize the effects that this beautiful practice was having on her spirit. Rose said that, “from the very beginning it was never just exercise for me. I was always drawn to the teachers that taught and understood yoga as a spiritual practice.”

Rose had been in the real estate industry since 1984, and did continue this work for a while longer, but by 2009 she was ready to close her business to study and practice yoga full time. 

She didn't know exactly where the path would lead, but she kept following it. She started her training with Seane Corn and Hala Khouri and worked with Off The Mat Into The World. The following year she trained with a Dharma teacher Christian Valeriani. She felt very lucky that she always found teachers that would share their knowledge and experience from the heart. In fall of 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, Rose ended up meeting Tom Johnson, who runs St. Lucy's homeless shelter in Jersey City for Catholic Charities. She says, “It began with just organizing and distributing the donations, and soon they gave me free reign to create a yoga and meditation class for the ladies." In 2013, Rose trained with Dharma Mittra in NYC and was given the opportunity to stay on to work and teach there.

Rose currently teaches at Riker's Island Jail and practices and teaches at the amazing Ohana Rising Yoga School, which is owned and guided by the vision of another Dharma teacher, Lisa Broderick. Rose started teaching for Kula for Karma in 2014, originally teaching at Integrity House in Newark.

Here's what Rose had to say:

“For the last two years I've been teaching women incarcerated in the Hudson County Jail. I feel tremendous gratitude that I get to do this work. We'll gather and set up the mats, then share for a few moments before we begin our practice, coming together as sisters on the path. Sometimes it can be chaotic around us but more often than not the energy from our practice has a calming effect and the rest of the dorm and C.O.'s will begin to settle too. The women there want to practice yoga for the same reason I do—to feel good inhabiting their body and experience connection to their own divinity once again. The sacred practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama are empowering tools for self-regulation that they can access when they need too and use in their present environment."

Thank you for all that you do, Rose! We're so grateful for you.

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