Our Mission

Kula for Karma pioneers the integration of therapeutic yoga, meditation, and stress management into mainstream medicine and healthcare. As a nonprofit organization based in the New York metropolitan area, Kula for Karma offers programs at no cost to populations in need who face physical and mental health challenges.

About Us

Kula for Karma offers therapeutic yoga programs,  through a dedicated network of specially trained volunteer instructors, at no cost to people with physical, mental and emotional challenges. We work with the medical community to complement traditional approaches to healing those with illness, disease and chronic pain, and those recovering from abuse, trauma and addiction. Our programs have transformative health benefits, offering tools for resiliency and improved quality of life.

Since its inception in 2007, Kula has launched over 600 programs in the Tri-State area, touching the lives of thousands of people. At the heart of Kula for Karma’s success has been a community of dedicated volunteers, including yoga instructors who are passionate about working with different client populations, as well as allied health professionals, business leaders, and many other supporters.

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