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2017 Gala Honorees

Geri Topfer

Geri Topfer

Founder and President Honoree

Geri Topfer is a seasoned professional with a solid spiritual foundation and an entrepreneurial mindset. She is a certified educator and inspirational speaker with a publicly recognized voice, who passionately touts the virtues of integrative medicine and holistic healing. As Founder and President of Kula for Karma and leading member of their board of directors, Geri tirelessly advocates for the Kula for Karma mission, establishing strategic and meaningful partnerships with the medical and yoga communities. Geri has successfully built the organization from infancy to its prominent and impactful current state. She diligently raised much-needed funding for this grassroots effort, making the Kula For Karma services and treatments available to those in need, regardless of means. In spite of the many demands of her role, Geri will tell you, without hesitation, that Kula for Karma is her life’s purpose and her labor of love, second only to her husband Steven, and her three children, Jacob, Sydney and Eric.

Dr. Shari Becker

Dr. Shari Becker

Rising Star Honoree

Dr. Shari Becker graduated from NYU School of Law in 1989 and practiced corporate real estate law in New York City for two years prior to pursuing her career in clinical psychology. Dr. Becker teaches a weekly class for Kula for Karma at the Christian Health Care Center’s partial psychiatric hospitalization program and uses breath work, meditation and yoga in sessions with her private patients. She also co-taught Kula for Karma’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Disordered Eating and Negative Body Image and co-authored the manual for that training. Dr. Becker is grateful to practice balance and equanimity on and off the mat by sharing her life with her husband, Dan, and their three sons, Zach, Matt and Justin.

TJ Kourgelis

TJ Kourgelis

Special Guest

TJ Kourgelis, son of Caryl and Jimmy Kourgelis, is a 25-year old drug addict and alcoholic who has struggled with hard addiction for seven years. His addiction ripped through his life causing lost hope in his family, friends, and himself. Relentlessly he kept bouncing back, and continued to move forward with his recovery. While in rehabilitation he learned yoga and meditation. Wanting to continue this practice he was introduced to the founders of Kula for Karma, which sparked personal relationships and the window to continue to grow. For years TJ tried to escape life and its pains. Through mindfulness and meditation he's able to center his mind and accept life as it comes. Today he celebrates over a year of sobriety and will share his experience with addiction, the strength it takes to move forward, and how a spiritual life has helped him stay clean and sober.


November 6, 2017 - 6pm - Hilton Pearl River


Restaurants and culinary artists from all over the region will be hosting tapas-style tasting stations interspersed with wine stations for over 300 guests. The event also features a silent auction and jazz quartet.

Those under the age of 30 can purchase a Young Professional ticket for $75.


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Event Participants

Thank you to the following restaurants for helping to make this year's Gala a delicious success!

  Etsy Street | Axia Taverna | Pearl River Caterers | Sayola | Laboratorio Kitchen | Brasserie D'Novo
Communal Kitchen | Blue Moon | Sidewalk Bistro | The Market/Filling Station | Roost

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